A Transformative Pilates Studio in Vancouver British Columbia

Do you have good posture a strong core lots of energy and excellent health?
These can all be achieved through the practice of Pilates.


Imagine how life changing a good posture can be….
Improve your appearance; look taller and more attractive
Improve your speech; speak more clearly & confidently
Become more relaxed, approachable and at ease
Prevent neck strain, lower back pain , carpel tunnel, stress on the joints and bones of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
Imagine being able to move more freely

Core Strength

If the earth has no core does it exist?
Our inner strength is very important; just about every action we perform is initiated through the core. A strong core reduces injury, provides more comfort when sitting, serves to increase balance, energy and posture and aids in sports development. And why not have lean, long muscles that compliment your toned six pack.


Increased lung capacity regulates blood pressure, heart rate and sleeping patterns. Provides relief from migraines, stress, fatigue, cramps, jet lag, heat exhaustion and minor aches and pains. It has the ability to increase ones memory and alertness. Holding an inhalation energizes you and lengthening and holding as you exhale will relax you. Runners benefit greatly from increased lung capacity, they can run faster and longer without cramping up.

Flexibility & Resistance Training

Flexibility & resistance training is very important to overall fitness. Unlike Yoga where you hold a pose; Pilates always works through motion. Not only will you be less prone to injury, you will be able to better perform the sports that you play. You will have a greater range of motion allowing you to reach further, bend easier and jump higher. You will lose more fat, build elongated muscles, and increase balance.